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Naginata Classes in session!
Mercer Island Community Center and
Bellevue NW Arts Center

Naginata Classes in Tacoma!

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PNNF Calendar

PNNF Summer session 2017

Our Summer Naginata classes are in session. Bellevue classes Tuesday and Thursday 7-9 pm. Mercer Island starts Saturday new time: 10-noon (for Summer only).

contact Kurt or Karen for more information

PNNF 2nd Annual Seminar and Open Tournament September 23-24, 2017

The 2nd annual PNNF seminar and taikai (tournament) will be held on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, 2017, at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center. Our full-day seminar on Saturday and our full-day taikai will be open to PNNF, USNF, and CNF (Canadian Naginata Federation) members, and the seminar will replace our regularly-scheduled Saturday practice. Please see the details in the yoko for times and details about the Taikai Yoko. We will have events for youth, dangai, and yudansha in both engi and shiai.

If you have any questions about what events you are eligible to enter, or would like assistance in deciding engi pairs, please ask Kurt-sensei, Karen-sensei, or Kei-sensei. Application forms are available upon request from Kei Tsukamaki.

2016 trophy winners should bring back the traveling trophies and work hard for a chance to win them again!

There will also be a PNNF party in the evening on Saturday, September 23, following the seminar in one of the Mercer Island Community Center meeting rooms. Details TBD. There will not be a separate fee for the party. Please let Kei-sensei know if you have any specific dietary restrictions. (Party dress is casual!)