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Fall Naginata Classes in session!
Mercer Island Community Center and
Bellevue NW Arts Center

Naginata Classes in Tacoma!

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PNNF Calendar

PNNF Fall session starts this week September 10, 2016

Our Fall Naginata classes started this week. Bellevue classes start Tuesday, 20 Sep and Mercer Island starts Saturday 10 Sep 2016. Register now!

contact Kurt or Karen for more information

PNNF 1st Tendo Ryu Naginata Seminar September 24-25, 2016

Eric Montes will lead a two-day seminar in Tendo Ryu Naginata Jutsu at the Bellevue Rain City Fencing Club the weekend of September 24-25, 2016. All attendees should have had an introduction to Tendo Ryu before the seminar. Contact Kei Tsukamaki for more information.

PNNF 10th Anniversary Seminar and Open Taikai December 3, 2016

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, PNNF will hold a half-day seminar and its first open tournament on Saturday, December 3rd at the Renton Community Center. There will be a youth division in Engi Kyogi and Shiai Kyogi as well as Engi and Shiai Kyogi for members 18 years old and up. Contact Karen Schmucker or Kei Tsukamaki for information.