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Naginata Classes
Mercer Island Community Center and
Bellevue NW Arts Center
Tri-Cities Naginata, Richland, WA

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PNNF Calendar

PNNF is holding its 7th annual seminar, exam, and taikai on November 4-5, 2023 at the Mercer Island Community and Events Center. See here for more information: Seminar Yoko / Taikai Yoko

Federation Date Event Place
Bitokukai January 7, 2023 Tendo Ryu Embu Hajime Zoom, 1 pm PST



Seminar and Exam

AJNF January 29, 2023 4Dan/5Dan Exam Tokyo Budokan
USNF March 11, 2023

USNF Board Meeting
General Meeting
Dan Exam
Shogo Review

PNNF April 1,2023 USNF Membership Fees Due N/A
PNNF April 2023 Board Meeting/General Meeting Zoom
PNNF April 9, 2023 Sakura Con Demo (tent.) Seattle Convention Ctr
PNNF April 22-23, 2023 Tendo Ryu Seminar Rain City Fencing, Bellevue
AJNF May 7, 2023 Renshi/Kyoshi Exam Aichi Budokan (Nagoya)
PNNF May 23, 2023 Kyu Exam Bellevue, Mercer Island
Bitokukai June 22-29, 2023 Tendo Ryu Seminar Stanstead, Quebec
AJNF July 9, 2023 4Dan/5Dan Exam Nara (Rohto Naraden Budoshisetsu)
USNF July 12-15, 2023 Seminar, Taikai, Exam U of CO, Boulder, CO
PNNF September 30, 2023 Japan Week Demo Bellevue College
PNNF Nov 4-5, 2023 Seminar, Taikai, Kyu Exam Mercer Island