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Nell Akane Ikkyu test

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Fall Naginata Classes in session!
Mercer Island Community Center and
Bellevue NW Arts Center

Naginata Classes in Tacoma!

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PNNF promotions

The following PNNF members were recently promoted. Congratulations!

July 10, 2016
May 10, 2015 March 5, 2016  
Shodan Renshi Rokkyu  
Nell Shamrell Harrington Kurt Schmucker Barrett Stowe  
    Alexander Coppeans  
Nikyu Jan 24, 2016 Gokyu  
Isabella Coppeans Godan Audrey Stowe  
  Karen Schmucker Amy Coppeans  
Gokyu Kei Tsukamaki Sankyu  
Alexander Coppeans   Emily Mather  
    Michelle You