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Bryce Harrop and Chris Coppeans practice zen nihon naginata kata. Bryn Mawr College, July 2018.

USNF 18th Naginata Championship, Bryn Mawr College, PA, July 2018

The USNF held its 18th national tournament on 28 July 2018. PNNF sent 13
members to the event.

Bryce Harrop and Chris Coppeans won third place in Shikake-Oji competition. Kei Tsukamaki and Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington won second place in Yudansha Zen Nihon Naginata Kata and Chris Coppeans and Bryce Harrop won third place. Kei Tsukamaki won second place in Women's Individuals and Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington won third place

At the US Team Selection competiton, 5 PNNF made the team for the next WNC: Bryce Harrop and Chris Coppeans for engi and men's team and/or individual; and Kei Tsukamaki and Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington for women's team and/or individuals. Sara Jensen was selected as a women's alternate.

Results of the USNF 18th Championship Tournament:

Yudansha Zen Nihon Kata

Youth Girls' Individuals

Seond Place First Place  
Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington/Kei Tsukamaki Izzy Coppeans  
  Women's Individuals  
Third Place Seond Place  
Chris Coppeans/Bryce Harrop Kei Tsukamaki  
Yudansha Engi Third Place  
Third Place Kelsey Shamrell-Harrington  
Chris Coppeans/Bryce Harrop